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Exile Rules

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Arma 3 RLRP Exile Rules                        


Server Rules                      


      • No killing or stealing of vehicles and from vehicles and from containers in the trade zone

      • No chopper lifting OR towing of another player vehicles within the Traderzone

      • No ramming in a trade zone

      • Any vehicles left in Trader Zones will be unlocked after server restart and people are allowed to take them!

      • Outside trader, you can steal all you want this is a PVP server.

      • Try to keep English Only In Sidechat

      • No VOIP In Sidechat (Including Radio chat)

      • No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping Or Glitching

      • No avoiding combat by safe zone ‘god mode’ switching or using safe zone for any advantage – flying jet over safe zone will also be considered as it

      • No following players to kill them after they leave an edge of a safe zone or camping on edge of a safe zone – kills made within 300m from safe zone edges will be punished. (You can’t kill anyone in that radius to safe zone edges)

      • No logging off in an enemy base

      • It’s allowed to scam – administration is not responsible for scams, don’t let yourself scammed in the first place.

      • No logging out of the game to gain advantage

      • No ‘Combat logging’ – logging out in combat

      • No toxic behavior like being too much vulgar/suspecting everyone for cheating or abusing admin powers without providing proof etc.

      • No non-mature behavior

      • Complains/Issues without screenshot/video will be ignored

      • Making a wrong report on someone by providing invalid information will result in punishment

      • Creating a trap on roads to a safe zone, both with mines or not, is allowed from 1km far from a safezone edge

      • A Vehicle, belongs to a guy who drove a vehicle inside a safe zone (as a driver), and you are not allowed to interact with it when it isn’t yours!


  • Building rules 

  1. People must have an option to plant charges and get into >every room< of your base by ground.

  2. Physically bullshit not allowed, like single elements floating in the air, walls stacking, etc.

  3. No floating bases

  4. Building over roads is permitted with a minimum height of an Ikarus or Chevrolet Monster (must be able to pass under)

  5. Flags have to be placed on a floor or ground of a base.

  6. Flags placed in the air or raised up on pillars/walls will be removed.**

  7. Flags, Safes, and other containers must be accessible (no flying over ground)

  8. No building objects on a flag (like pillars etc.) or hiding it in another object, a flag can only be covered using walls in a room (triangle 3x or 4x quad)

  9. Flags with objects on it will be removed.

  10. No building outside the map

  11. No building during a base raid


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